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This forum includes information about the world that is commonly known. This forum will be updated from time to time reflecting the updates and changes going on around the world.

The world in which the One Piece story takes place is unique, strange, and full of adventure. It’s like earth in that it is round, rotates on an axis, has a moon, and is mostly covered with water.

The World:

North/East/West/South Blue. The 4 oceans are the main quadrants the world is split into. Each quadrant is roughly the same size. All four 'blues' are almost completely made up of ocean and the only populations in these areas live on scattered islands.

Red Line – The Red Line is a mountain chain which extends all the way around the world from the North to South Pole and then vice versa. These mountains are so immensely huge that you can’t see the top of them past the clouds. The currents near the Red Line are extremely dangerous and there is only one safe passage through the mountains. This passage is located at Reverse Mountain where all four Blues meet.

Reverse Mountain – Reverse Mountain is a huge mountain located on the Red Line where it intersects with the Grand Line. It’s special because a passage is carved through it allowing ships from all four Blues to enter the Red Line and then exit into the Grand Line. It’s named Reverse Mountain because the strong ocean currents from the four blues all converge and push water up the mountain, defying common logic. Ships are pushed violently up the reverse water channels to the peak where they turn and slide downward into the Grand Line’s entrance.

Reverse Mountain:

Calm Belt – The Calm Belt surrounds and runs parallel to the Grand Line. This area of the ocean is very flat and calm with no storms or natural disasters. However, this region is known to be completely impassible due to the enormous sea monsters which call it home. Any ship that enters the Calm Belt is almost immediately attacked and eaten by Sea Kings which can be much larger than anything found in the Grand Line.

Calm Belt:

Grand Line – The Grand Line runs perpendicular to the Red Line, around the world’s equator. There is only one safe way into the Grand Line, located at Reverse Mountain. Once you enter the Grand Line, there is no easy way to leave. It’s common for those entering to spend the rest of their lives there, and those lives are usually short ones. The Grand Line is by far the most dangerous ocean in the world and contains strange islands, intense weather, giant sea monsters, and the most powerful characters in the world call it home. Crews must navigate east from Reverse Mountain via island chains. When they reach the half way mark, they will meet the Red Line again (on the opposite side of the planet). The Grand Line isn’t all monsters and terror though; most islands have normal villages with people who live ordinary lives.

First Half Of Grand Line:

The New World – The new world is the second half of the Grand Line, on the west side of Reverse Mountain. The New World is much more dangerous than the first half of the Grand Line. In fact, the difference is so dramatic that people call the first half of the Grand Line “Paradise” in comparison. Not only are weather patterns more random here, but logic itself fails to explain many things which happen on this ocean. Just like the Grand Line though, many of the islands here have normal villages with average everyday humans living in them.

The New World:

The World Government - The largest organization in the world. They govern over 100 islands and have full control over the marines. The highest authority in the world government are the Gorosei (Elder Stars), who are an elder council of five men. Additionally, the Celestial Dragons, also known as World Nobles, are an important faction within the World Government. While not known for their physical strength, they have absolute, unwavering control over the actions of the Marines. The world government controls a large number of powerful organizations including: The Marines, Cipher Pol, Shichibukai and Impel Down Prison.

World Government:

Marines - The entire Marine organization represents the World Government’s military force. It’s a huge organization with countless men and women serving in it. At the top of the Marine organization are three Admirals and one Fleet Admiral. The majority of the marines are just normal soldiers though, often deployed to various island outposts in the world. The Marines main job is to protect the lives of innocent people, however if the World Government commands it, the Marines will destroy anyone or anything.


Shichibukai - While the Shichibukai are technically part of the World Government, they often have chaotic personalities and do whatever they feel like doing. While they must answer to the World Government if called for battle, they can otherwise travel wherever they please and do what pirates normally do. There are only seven Shichibukai; a limit placed by the World Government.

Cipher Pol - Cipher Pol is controlled strictly by the World Government. They act as investigators, spies, and assassins. There are at least nine groups in Cipher Pol numbered CP1 through CP9.

Things that aren't at this time - Yonko, Revolutionary Army, and Sky Islands.
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