One Piece Adventure RPG

If You Can't Do As You Please, There's No Point In Being A Pirate
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 One Piece RPG Rules

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PostSubject: One Piece RPG Rules   Thu Jun 04, 2015 8:43 pm

Welcome to my One Piece RPG. Below you will find the link for the rulebook we will mainly be using for the game.


  • Playing as pirates. Starting at Level 1.

  • Create your character before asking for a devil fruit. If you want to start with a fruit ability, it will be random.

  • Your character doesn't know other players before starting

  • No meta-gaming, don't assume you know about the world (ex. Yonko doesn't exist along with many other titles/organizations/places)

  • Shortly after the game begins you guys must elect a captain, but he/she will not be any stronger than the other players. The captain must select a first mate. I will give you a starter ship that you must give a name. Lastly you will create a jolly roger symbol and name for your crew, "The ___ Pirates"

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One Piece RPG Rules
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